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Recent issues affecting Bridge Australia web sites

We recently added SSL security to all our Bridge Australia club web sites. Without a SSL certificate, many web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari display warnings suggesting that the site is not safe, and this is more and more common as web browsers bring out new versions. This change addresses this.

There are some minor points to note:

For members and other visitors to the web site

The club web site address no longer has "www." in it. What was is now just (where "clubname" is the name of your club). You may need to change your browser bookmark.

If you're having trouble accessing your club's web site, there's a few things you can do.

1. If a screen comes up warning you about a page being not secure, you can simply edit the address bar at the top of the page and remove "www.". This is by far the easiest - see pic - just delete the parts in yellow.

2. You could search for your club using a Google search. In the search results, look for a link that doesn't have www in the address. Google will over time update all these links to have the non-www address.

3.Click on the Bridge Australia list of clubs, find your club name click the link.

4. You could check your state body's Club List page to look for club and follow that link.

5. You could type in the full address to the address bar of your browser e.g. (where clubname is the name of your club)

For Clubs using a Bridge Australia web site

Clubs will need to make change to their Compscore3 Web Results Upload setting (under Setup | Options), to include the new secure web site address as the domain name, and without the "www." prefix, like this (where clubname is the name of your club). The difference from what might be there now is firstly "http" becomes "https" and secondly "www." is removed. See pic to the right.

Unfortunately, Clubs still using Compscore2 will need to upgrade to Compscore3 as the Comspcore2 upload process is not compatible with this new level of security. Compscore3 is almost identical to Compscore2 in functionalty and directors will have no problems in using it. The upgrade costs just $75. To obtain an upgrade, email us at

Club may choose to continue with Compscore2, but will need to use the Upload Results option in the web site's Management Portal.