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Compscore3 Bridge Scoring Software

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Compscore3 is an Australian bridge scoring program.

Compscore3 and its predecessor Compscore2 are used in a growing number of bridge clubs and tournament directors in Australia, and are used to score more than 10,000 club sessions a year.

Compscore3 is ideal for any bridge club. It has been developed to work with Bridgemates and other table-top scoring units, but can be used to score manual events too. It supports virtually any movement at all, with built-in movements for standard Mitchells, Howells and Teams events, as well as the facility to create and save your own templates for any movement you wish. It also handles barometers, eclectics, across-the-field, standard mutli-sessions. Its Swiss Pairs and Teams are used by a number of tournaments directors as well as clubs, and it also supports multi-session and single session teams events. Compscore3 incorporates club membership management features. It also manages all your Australian masterpointing requirements. Have a look at the detailed feature list.

Compscore3 and its predecessor Compscore2 have been used to score the New Zealand National Congress since 2013, the Summer Festival of Bridge in Canberra since 2014 and at some ANCs.

Compscore3 integrates tightly with club web sites that are managed by Altosoft. Session results can be uploaded with just a couple of clicks, and players can look at and analyse the results in a number of ways, as well as see the hand plus makeable contracts (depending on your deal generating software). Compscore3 also integrates with Bridgewebs, Pianola and

Compscore3 costs just $325, and ongoing email support is free (price and level of free support subject to change). Existing users of Compscore2 can upgrade to Compscore3 for $75.

To order, complete your details and requirements on our Contact page, or email us at

To have closer look at Compscore3, download an evaluation.